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Secundino Rivera
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Commentaries to the work

"Secundino Rivera seems like a Greco transformed by lights from the tropic, by lights projecting messages of other constellations. His landscapes are hallucinating and hallucinated. His landscapes are like Picasso wants paintings to be: with mystery, with something we put in them." M. Sánchez Camargo

"This exhibition of S. Rivera is a confirmation of that aspect sensed by critics and masters since the very beginning of his learning: That in him, there was an innate creative force, ruling him, commanding him to be a painter, like the subconscious tells others to be writers." José Antonio Rial

"Secundino Rivera, who feels that what is native and who makes a very personal landscaping far from the classical “School of Caracas” and more like in our time. His oil paintings worked as painting-painting, with spatula and brush in an expressionism of great force and of serious knowledge with a total capture of light and color of the Venezuelan sub tropic. He definitely enters the group of the new Venezuelan landscapists with firm stand." RAS

"Secundino Rivera has an ample and generous pictorial version of the Venezuelan and Caracas land. In him, there is neither laboratory art nor indecisive trembling. He paints extending the matter with wide instruments in the extension his arm can reach, and then, he tattoos with fierce what could be called a minimal concession to sensitiveness or sentimentality. I believe in the talent and in the work of Rivera as I believe in painting itself." Francisco San José

Barquero, 2002 (Dibujo a plumilla sobre papel) Barquero, 2002 (Dibujo a plumilla sobre papel)
Pico de Águila, 1960 Pico de Águila, 1960

"Secundino Rivera is a genial landscapist and a colorist who, somehow, could be ascribed to the novel luminism. His paintings have actual plastic autonomy an at the same time, include a perfectly characterized geographical physiognomy." Journal ABC of Madrid

"Secundino Rivera feels the Venezuelan landscape like very few. In his marvelous symphony of colors denying with his paintings the theory of whiteness of the painters of the tropic as the art critic Enrique Planchart once made a theory." Óscar Rojas Jiménez

"Secundino Rivera: His painting is luminous and subjective; characterized by the richness of the pasting and the good composition. His portraits, counting on the assistance of his good drawing as the first advantage, tend to the expressionism, though they are not pictorially in that, somehow, darkish school. Rivera is within his own form and his own pictorial sense." Rafael Delgado

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