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Secundino Rivera
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1932 Born in O Barqueiro, province of A Coruña.

1955 Sets his residence in Caracas.

1959 Starts his studies of drawing and sculpture at the Free Studio of Art where he was a student until 1962.

1960 Enters to El Bosque School, founded and directed by Spaniard painters Francisco San José and Pilar Aranda. Six years of training. Simultaneously, he travelled through the western region of the country painting it strongly attracted by Van Gogh's painting.

1962/65 He participates in collective exhibitions of the same school; in an individual exhibition at the Venezuelan-American Center and in several collective exhibitions in annual salons of the Museo de Bellas Artes de Caracas (Museum of Fine Arts of Caracas).  

1966 He returns to Europe.
In Madrid, he made an exhibition in Galería Ars 31.  
He settles in Paris where he continues his studies at the schools of Beaux Arts and de la Ville of Paris.
At the Louvre Museum, he works for four years analysing and making copies of paintings from the artists of the Renaissance and the Baroque.
At the Olmeda de las Fuentes (Madrid) where painter Francisco San José had a studio, he met painters Luis Ochoa and Álvaro Delgado, both belonging to the group of the School of Madrid, together with Benjamín Palencia, one of the major supporters of this school and from whom Rivera already had had pictorial influence through San José.

1972 He returns to Venezuela starting in Caracas a Studio-School of drawing and painting.

1974 Exhibition in Los Cortijos Country Club, Caracas. As of this date, he has made several exhibitions of watercolour and oil paintings in other galleries of the city and in the interior.
He travelled in the south-eastern region of the country painting it.
As a teacher, he is invited to participate in courses on drawing in several institutes of Caracas.
During this time he maintains contact with the Eastern and Western Art of the museums of France, Spain and Italy.
He visits the Museum of Colmar (Alsace) where he meets and studies Groünewal whose painting he had admired for long time

1976 Exhibition in Aurora Gallery, Caracas.

1977 Exhibition in Aurora Gallery, Caracas.

1978 He participates in a collective exhibition in the House of Spain, Caracas.

1979 Editorial Edime dedicates publication N° 38 of the collection “Pintores Venezolanos”

1980 Exhibition in his own studio, Caracas.

1981 Exhibition in the Vigente Art Gallery of Caracas.

1982 "Treinta y tres obras de Secundino Rivera " (“Thirty three works of Secundino Rivera ” at Puerto Azul Club, Vargas state

1985 "Acuarelas de Secundino Rivera con paisajes de Venezuela" (“Watercolours of Secundino Rivera with landscapes of Venezuela”), Centro Comercial Ciudad Tamanaco, Caracas

1990 Exhibition in the Xeito Gallery in Madrid

1992 He participates in "La Esmeralda" First Exhibition in Caracas.
In this term he dedicates to make sculptures in bronze and marble.

1993 He participates in the Art Miami International Exhibition.
Exhibition “Diálogo con Federico Brandt” (”Dialogue UIT Federico Brandt”)in the Ateneo of Caracas.
He established a Workshop of foundry in bronze in Valle fresco, Filas de Mariches, where he cast his own works and those of other artists such as José Luis Cuevas, Fernando de Syszlo and replicas of Fernando Botero for the Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas.
He made and Exhibition in the ItaGalería, Caracas.
He participates in the collective Exhibition “ El paisaje de lo frágil” (“The landscape of the fragile”) in the House of the Angostura Congress, Bolívar state.
He participates in a collective exhibition in the Floirda Art Gallery, Caracas.

1994  Exhibition of sculpture in the Florida Art Gallery, Caracas.

1995 Collective exhibitions of sculpture in the Florida Art Gallery, Caracas
Exhibition “Paisaje de lo frágil” in the Juan Astorga Anta Museum of Modern Art of Merida.

1996 Exhibition of “Drawing Ceramics” in Centro de Arte/Grupo Li, in Caracas. 

1998 Exhibition of painting and sculpture in Pequiven Gallery, Caracas.

1999 Exhibition of paintings en the University Gallery of UCAB (Universidad Católica Andrés Bello), Caracas.
Exhibition of drawings and paintings in the Banap Gallery, Caracas.

2000 The book Secundino Rivera is edited with text by José Antonio Rial.

2001 Retrospective Exhibition in the Hall Vuelvan Caras of the Círculo Militar of Caracas, coinciding with the public presentation of the book Secundino Rivera with texts by J. A. Rial.
He combines his residence in Venezuela (Caracas y La Gran Sabana) with his residence in Sapin (A Coruña and O Barqueiro -A Coruña- where he has his studio in a windmill he greatly restored by himself.)
Exhibition of oil and watercolour paintings and prints at Parador de Vilalba, Lugo.

2002 Exhibition in the Hall of Exhibitions do Claustro do Concello. Ortigueira. A Coruña.
Oil paintings and prints. Hall dos Muiños de Acea de Ama. Culleredo.
Oil and watercolour paintings and prints. Hall of exhibitions of Palacete. Cedeira.
Sargadelos Gallery. Ferrol
Art Space, Correo Gallego. Santiago de Compostela.
Oil and watercolour paintings . Hall of exhibitions. Casino Atlántico, A Coruña.
Expo Nadal 2002. Parador Hostal Dos Reis Católicos, Santiago de Compostela.

2003 Exhibition in La Casa de Galicia. Madrid.
Exhibition in the Cultural Center Deputación Ourense. Ourense.
Exhibition in the Galería Perfiles de América, Caracas.

2004 Exhibition Los Blancos de la Olmeda. Casa de la Cultura. Olmeda de las Fuentes. Madrid.

Autorretrato, 1978 Autorretrato, 1978

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